No one in the Metaverse can hear you scream with this privacy mic

They were in CES 2023 in Las Vegas, and now that VR is moving towards the mainstream, we’re seeing a plethora of accessories to help players have fun in the so-called “metaverse.” Shiftall is a manufacturer of VR accessories and devices that has solved some interesting problems for users who want to spend a lot of time in virtual reality, such as how to stay hydrated without dropping a virtual ball? Or how do you keep your VR session private if you can’t see who’s around to listen?

The FlipVR controller from Shiftall is based on the Lighthouse technology used with VR headsets such as Valve index and HTC VivePro2. Lighthouse trackers are modular systems, and Shiftall came up with a unique way of attaching the Lighthouse tracker to a handheld controller that flips over when you want to use the opposite thumb.

Shiftall FlipVR controllers let you hold water while you play (Image credit: Future/Philip Berne)

With a flick of the wrist, the controller tilts and you can grab a water bottle or start typing. Flip the controller over for quick access to the stick and buttons.

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