Forza Motorsport shouldn’t excite me so much with dirt

I shouldn’t be so excited about the words “dirt accumulation is more realistic”, but here I am, positively delighted with the idea of ​​my car in Forza Motorsport becoming a dirty puppy in the middle of the race.

On Xbox and Bethesda’s Developer Direct, Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 has gone into the smallest details of the upcoming Xbox Series X racer. The team has thrown out big numbers such as that you’ll have 500 cars to play with at launch, that there are over 800 upgrades you can customize for your vehicles, and that there will be 20 environments to race.

But what really caught my attention were the smaller things.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Forza Motorsportthe sound director showed how by installing these 800 upgrades to your vehicles, you will create different sound profiles for your car, reflecting the parts fitted.

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